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April Is Youth Month at Members 1st … Help Your Kids & Grandkids Learn How to Save!

This April, Members 1st celebrates National Credit Union Youth Month. The theme is: The future is yours … Picture it! Save for it! Share it!

Over the years, we’ve seen fewer kids saving money at the credit union. Sure, parents and grandparents still come in and open youth accounts; however, we don’t see kids making their own deposits, as we did in the past. At Members 1st, we want to help change that trend!

During the month of April, every member younger than the age of 18 who makes a deposit will receive these reward incentives from Members 1st:

  • Open a new account with $5, and receive $5 from Members 1st*
  • Make a deposit to an existing account, and receive $1 for every $20 deposited*
  • Each youth member who makes a deposit has a chance to win a $25 Visa® gift card

*Maximum match from Members 1st is $5 per account.

Kids & Teens

Whether you want to make art or write software, start a band or start a company, climb mountains or explore with a telescope … whatever it is, if you can dream it, you can do it! And starting to save for your dream can definitely help you achieve it. So, take advantage of these April incentives to either grow the savings you already have, or start your path towards financial well-being in the future.

And while you’re dreaming, share your dreams on social media, including Members 1st’s Pinterest and Instagram. Use the hashtag #CUYouthMonth.

Parents & Grandparents

Help the children and teens in your life learn how to save money and establish strong and continuing habits of saving for the future. Besides leading by example, if the young people in your life get an allowance, encourage them to start saving a percentage or specific amount weekly or monthly to help turn their dreams turn into a reality.

Year round, not just in the month of April, Members 1st works to help put our young members on the path to financial awareness and security. We encourage all our members, particularly our youngest ones, to write down their dreams for the future. Then with a little planning, encouragement, good examples, and vision … the future is yours!

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